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Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait

* This is for a SINGLE PET image illustration*

Dimensions: Your custom illustration will be sent to you through email as both a HQ JPEG & PNG image.

Why: This product is sent as an HQ image so that you may do whatever you desire with your new illustration: Get it printed in any size on cardstock or photo paper, get it printed on a phone case, on a collection of cards, anything you desire. The PNG & JPEG file are yours to use to your digression so long as you do not claim the creative rights to this image. It is for your personal use only, no commercial use.

How this works

1. You make your pet illustration purchase.  Keep in mind that this is a single pet image illustration, meaning only ONE pet will be drawn in your image.
2. You will receive a confirmation email. Reply to this email with the example photo for the illustration.  It is preferred you send the exact image you’d like replicated in the illustration.
3. I will respond to confirm I received your request and will check in to make sure we are on the same page and have the same vision. We will review and confirm together before the creative process begins.
4. Your custom illustration will take 2-4 days to complete (or longer depending on level of detail & number of current orders). You will receive progression photos via email and then a final product photo. Before the HQ image is sent to you, I need your approval. You have unlimited retouches, so if there is something that you want fixed, be clear and let me know when you receive each image.
5. Once you are completely satisfied with your image, you will receive both a HQ Jpeg & PNG file via email.  This is so you may use your image as a phone screen, photo to print yourself, and you may even use this photo for cookies, cakes, etc.


Keep in mind:
Custom portraits are for personal use only. No Commercial use.
If you want commercial use, please contact me personally through email.


    Custom illustrations are complete custom merchandise.  They may not be returned.
    See return policy for custom illustrations in the F.A.Q

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