Welcome to my Site

My name is Cynthia Midori and I am an NYC based artist. Launching a business has been a dream of mine for years.  What some of you may not know is that I am a full time teacher.  Through 5 years of understanding this job and earning my masters, I held on to my dream.  I promised myself I wouldn’t let more time slip away without launching a small shop! Though I am starting small, I am so happy to be creating. I offer custom commissioned painting and illustration services, event invitation services, a  birthday shop under my card brand Cyncerely Yours, and I will soon be offering a bridal shop and purchases from my artist's seasonal collections.  In addition, I will be featuring my gallery, progress videos of my paintings, and I hope that you will continue to see more of my ideas bloom as my site will hopefully continue to grow.  

What Inspires My Cyncerely Yours Card Designs

I wanted to create collections of cards and media that gave everyone the opportunity to see themselves within my cards and work. As an Asian American, since I was a child, the only time I’ve seen someone who looks like me on a product, often happened to be an anime character...not a beautiful girl.  I wouldn't see myself in products and tabloid and NO, this doesn’t exactly empower me as a biracial woman who’s trying to feel beautiful in her skin. No, we are not our stereotypes or "beautiful for a _____ woman” (insert ethnicity into racist quote we’ve all heard one too may times). We are each strong, beautiful females, and deserve to see ourselves in media & art that way... exactly as we are and how we feel. I worked long and hard to be sure all women would get the opportunity to see themselves in my work.  My cards are inspired and based on representation and inclusion because IT MATTERS!  I promise to continue to create for more inclusion!