Custom Shoe Wreath (Pack of 4,6,8)
  • Custom Shoe Wreath (Pack of 4,6,8)

    This is a set of 4-8 custom cards. 
    Dimensions: 5x7 card printed on white palm beach matte canvas paper
    CUSTOMIZE: List what initial/ initials you would like on your 4-8 cards. Each card may have 1 letter, and all 4-8 cards may have different initials. List them out in the comment section below.
    Package Includes: 4-8 Cards, 4-8 seal stickers, and 4-8 envelopes in a sealed plastic wrap.
    Description: This is a card designed originally by Cynthia Midori. Fashion Illustration and trend culture is something that inspired me as an artist. A lady can always dream of waking up to this wreath this holiday season.

    **This is a custom illustration made by Cynthia Midori Sherry. Though content is inspired by luxury brand products, this product is in no way affiliated with and/or representing any brands**
    (Though they are my favorites)


      Custom Cards Return Policy 
      Custom cards are complete custom merchandise.  They may not be cancelled once the creative process has started, or returned unless replaced due to being damaged through shipping.See return policy for custom illustrations in the F.A.Q