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Custom Coloring Sheet
  • Custom Coloring Sheet


    Dimensions: Your custom illustration will be sent to you through email as both a HQ JPEG & PNG image. Both files will print, PNG is best if uploaded for digital coloring.

    Why: This product is sent as an HQ image so that you may do whatever you desire with your new coloring sheet image. Sending the file digitally allows you to print and color as many times as you'd like. The PNG & JPEG file are yours to use to your digression so long as you do not claim the creative rights to this image. It is for your personal use only, no commercial use.

    How this works

    1. You purchase a custom coloring sheet.
    2. You will receive a confirmation email. Reply to this email with the exact photo you wish to turn into your custom coloring sheet.
    3. I will respond to confirm I received your request and will ask any questions in regards to your order.
    4. Your custom illustration will take 1-3 days to complete (or longer depending on level of detail & number of current orders). In 1-4 days, you will receive both a HQ Jpeg & PNG file via email. Keep in mind coloring pages of your image may look different until colored in.


    Keep in mind:
    Custom portraits are for personal use only. No Commercial use. 
    If you want commercial use, please contact me personally through email.


      Custom work/ custom merchandise orders may not be returned.  
      See return policy for custom illustrations in the F.A.Q

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