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Our Custom Greeting & Mailing Service 

How Does This Work?

For our SINGLE card orders, we offer a full service greeting & mailing option for an extra $2.00 fee. 

After you have made your purchase and have paid for this additional service, you will receive a confirmation email.  Respond or email with two things: Your greeting message you would like written in your card, the outgoing mailing address you would like your card to be mailed to.
We will handle it from there!
1.  Cynthia Midori will create and print your card
2.  Cynthia Midori will write your custom greeting and make a custom mailing label.
3.  Cynthia Midori will mail your card with a first class 1oz US postage stamp.
4.  Cynthia Midori will send you and email update on when your card has been sent out.  It will be within 1-3 days of your custom card order.

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